Commissioning features and restoration work



David provides a consultation service where your specific requirements, aesthetics, location and preferences are discussed. 

This can be done using video conferencing, or in person dependent on the prevailing travel restrictions.


For new features, a selection of hand drawn or CAD designs are created and once the final design and materials have been selected.

The commission will then be scheduled to be created in the studio. 

When the commission is completed, arrangements can then be made for delivery.


For restoration work, once the approach, colour and materials matching and any listing requirements have been agreed,

the restoration can then be scheduled and the work can either be carried out in situ or in the studio, dependent on the nature of the project.




Consultation and advice 


Sometimes clients wish to create or restore their own feature and need some guidance on how to approach the project,

and identify the most suitable techniques and materials.


David offers one to one support and consultancy in person in the studio and through video conferencing.  







Contact David by phone or email about your project at: 

 07980 086266  



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